Partner With Skedify To Accelerate Customer Engagement

It takes more than just a great product to grow your business. That's why we seek to build mutually rewarding partnerships. Let's start a success story together.

Integrations & Connectors

Connect with your customer's favourite business tools

Drive true customer value

Offer tailored, fast appointment experiences that delight and convert

Grow your business by helping clients to handle scheduling complexity. Think multiple locations, appointment types, services, staff members, appointment reminders, resources, time zones, and more. Standard connectors and a full suite of APIs make it easy to quickly and securely integrate with your client's CRM, ATS and other core solutions.

Why partner with Skedify?

Expand your offering

Enhance your agency or consulting offering by integrating the leading platform for online-offline conversion. From the first click to the first conversation, let's win together.

Increase your revenue

Get rewarded for introductions! By helping to deliver our solution to your clients, you not only ensure a great user experience, but increase your revenue by doing so.

Drive true customer value

With Skedify, clients can implement a digital appointment strategy with proven ROI. Our solution significantly impacts online-offline conversion, shortens the sales cycle, optimises resource allocation, lowers no-shows and so much more.

Advance your competitive edge

Assist your clients in owning the complete customer conversation with our range of engagement tools. Skedify easily integrates with other technologies for enhanced insights, action triggers and the most seamless customer journey.

Who is the program for?

Without great partners, and great people, our fantastic customer journeys could not exist. We join forces with organisations who want to accelerate their client's sales engagement.

System Integrators

Delivers tech implementation that handles CMS, CRM, or ATS solutions, or deliver system integrations.

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Enterprise Consultants

Provides consulting on business, digital transformation, technology, sales, marketing or customer service strategy.

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Digital Marketing Agencies

Offers hands-on services in web development, marketing, sales or customer service.

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Enterprises that rely on Skedify:

From the first click to the first conversation, we make fantastic customer journeys come true.