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Connect Pexip Engage with your customer-facing applications with our robust, fully-accessible API.

CRM Connectors

Within a week of implementation, our clients had scheduled a record number of meetings.

Francis Sörensen, Process & Digital Transformation Manager at Social insurance fund De VoorZorg

Sales engagement is also about bridging the gap between your CMS and your CRM. Pexip Engage has built a native integration with both MS Dynamics and Salesforce, enabling a seamless transfer of all customer and scheduling data to the CRM, and allowing the solution to be added and used anywhere within the CRM. Other integrations are realised through our open API (SAP, Hubspot, …)

CMS Connectors

Pexip Engage helped us transform our customer-facing function, giving us a preeminent edge against our competitors.

Bart De Bock, Product Manager at Parentia

Enrich your Content Management System (CMS) by it with integrating Pexip Engage: pass CMS identifiers along to the solution; retrieve and store individual scheduling data in the CMS; individualise website content and scheduling sequences with combined CMS+Pexip Engage data. Overall, Pexip Engage is structurally embeddable and deployable in any CMS (WordPress, Drupal, …).

ATS Connectors

Pexip Engage took on a great deal of work and was able to integrate even our ATS system without any problems or technical modifications.

Michael Moens, Digital Strategy Manager at Vivaldis

Connect your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with intelligent meeting scheduling that will cover every possible scenario, making the hiring process effortless for all involved parties. Additional connectors available through our open API (Carerix, ….).

Video Connectors

The fact that we could offer video calls from within Pexip Engage delivered great value for Vivaldis.

Michael Moens, Digital Strategy Manager at Vivaldis

To support 'the new normal', Pexip Engage has built an advanced video calling solution, based on Pexip Infinity. Pexip allows video calls from any technology or application, whilst providing the most secure video technology available. We also developed an essential integration with MS Teams.

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