Engagement Optimization For People-Led Industries

Pexip Engage allows HR & Recruitment companies to streamline and boost their client and candidate experience. Our solution is tailored to allow businesses to offer a value-first service to their clients, make more placements and adapt to an increasingly digital world.

Enterprises that rely on Pexip Engage:

HR & Recruitment

Vivaldis helps more job seekers with Pexip Engage.

The fact that we could offer video calls from within the Pexip Engage solution delivered great value for Vivaldis

Michael Moens, Digital Strategy Manager at Vivaldis

Vivaldis decided to create a combination digital-human system where they would get a candidate on the phone for an initial interview and then follow up with a scheduling tool to have a deeper conversation.

HR & Recruitment benefits

Industry leading benefits

 Harness the wave of digital transformation and accelerate your business with Pexip.

Increased productivity of HR & Recruitment consultants

In automating manual tasks, our software has been proven to increase productivity up to 17% per individual.

Boosted Conversion

On average, Pexip Engage boosts conversion rates by 30% through our extensive range of engagement tools.

Easy To Use

Efficiency is key in HR & Recruitment and we understand the importance of software that is easy to use and quick to set up.

Reduce No Shows

Eliminate the tedious, uncertain and error-prone process for candidates and employers to engage with consultants that reduces no show rate.

Everyone is notified

Save time and streamline conversations with Pexip Engage automated sms and email reminders.

Branded Solutions

Offer a fully branded experience by integrating Pexip Engage in all your customer touchpoints.


Unlike conventional call hosting software, Pexip Engage allows you to customise your call screens and boost your brand.

GPDR Compliance

Our solution ensures GDPR compliance whilst offering an extensive range of features including identity verification.

The First Optichannel Meeting Platform for Engaging Customer Conversations

Online, offline or online to offline... We optimise customer engagement by choosing the right platform for each and every conversation.

Accelerated In-Branch Conversations

Seamless In-Branch Experience

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Seamless Video Conferencing

Conversion Boosting Video Conferencing

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Streamlined On Location Meetings

Meet your candidates and clients where they are.

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From the first click to the first conversation, we make customer journeys better.