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This feature allows companies that offer listings (such as job openings, properties, projects,...) to define and load the plug-in with advanced and specific scheduling rules per individual listing. This makes it possible to offer more streamlined and personalised customer journey flows.

Manage the particularities of certain unique listings

Listing specific planning rules

Listings come into play when your typical appointment subjects (e.g the type of conversations your agents are having with your customers) and the scheduling rules accompanying those, actually differ from case to case depending on a specific item in a list (list of job postings, list of properties, list of projects, …).

In-depth insights

Having insights into all customer interactions and engagements for each of your specific listings, provides great business value and helps to continuously optimise the processes in your company.

System integration

Using a CRM/CMS/ATS system that can automatically be matched to listings in the solution back-end will force the plugin to handle an extra set of rules on top of the subject planning rules so the plug-in will show the specific subject/office/agent/meeting type associated with this listing.

Recruitment & Staffing

For Recruitment & Staffing

Direct candidates for a specific job opening to the right hiring consultant. Assign certain scheduling rules for specific individual vacancies such as location, dedicated agent(s), meeting types, subjects, etc.

High involvement retail

For High Involvement Retail

Specifically building or real estate-related projects for high involvement retail in home improvement. Allow interested customers to book appointments with the right sales advisor about specific project listings with specific planning rules.

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