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Lead Segmentation

Make it even more personal for your customers during their journey and offer structured flows based on the customer's value towards the business thanks to lead segmentation.

Offer more personalised customer journey flows

Show what you want to show - Start the Pexip Engage website plug-in for a specific lead segment with pre-defined subjects and meeting types

Structured flows

Include lead segmentation to offer different segments and channels predefined in the website plug-in for known customers (based on authentication), this can be done in any customer journey (website, portal, app, email, …).

For marketing campaigns

Use lead segmentation in marketing campaigns to only show subjects in categories that are relevant for your specific marketing landing page and call to action.

For email links

Include lead segments in email links and direct your customer to the right subjects and channel.

For portals

In a portal, if your document (or other material) is ready, this can trigger a lead segment to be loaded in the plug-in to book the specific next step (for example: ‘Your car is ready, click here to book a pick-up moment’).

For specific CTAs

Different call to actions on different pages of a website, can use different lead segments to only offer what is linked to the call to action in the plug-in.


Reduce wrongly booked meetings (subject, type or channel), saving time and resources (spend the right amount of time with the right customer), offer more personalized customer journeys, streamlining customer experience

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