Business modules

Specific features build on top of the Pexip Engage engine to map and bring structure to all commercial scheduling & meeting complexity for enterprises.

Partner booking application

The partner booking application is a very powerful asset at your disposal when you have one or more commercial partners structurally generating leads for your commercial network.

Lead segmentation

Streamline the process of getting your consumers connected during a tailored customer journey. Start the Pexip Engage website plug-in for a specific lead segment with pre-defined subjects and meeting types.


“Listings” is a particularly powerful feature for companies that offer listings (jobs, properties, projects) with different scheduling rules (subject, office, dedicated agent, meeting type) per listing.


Define different meeting outcomes that can automatically trigger actions in your other systems (CRM, CMS, ATS,...) to streamline your customer journey.

Q&A and customer fields

Capture extra information needed from the customer during the appointment booking process, specifically defined per subject. This can be done in Q&A form or other elements such as radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.


Streamline workflows and optimise advisor productivity with our scheduling system.

Branch-specific rules

Branch-specific rules allows each branch the possibility whether or not to follow the rules set on enterprise level.

Availibility templates

Take control of your availability by setting automated templates for working hours quickly and easily.

Time slot-specific rules

Optimise advisor productivity and time management by assigning specific rules such as subject, office and meeting type to certain time slots.

Agent specialisation

Connect your customers with the most suitable advisor for their needs, based on agent expertise.

Tentative scheduling

Add additional flexibility to each office with the option to automatically accept appointments or consider them as meeting requests.

Personalised meeting-link

Personalise your customer's experience by offering a targeted appointment invitation link containing a specific subject, office, agent and/or meeting type based on their needs.

Easy agent re-assign

In case of absence or unavailability of the agent, the booked meeting can easily be reassigned to another agent.

Self service reschedule & cancel

Allow customers and agents to conveniently reschedule or cancel appointments.

Buffer time

Automatic buffer time between back-to-back meetings ensures better time management and allows agents to collect notes, take a break or prep for the next meeting.

Custom rules

You’ll have total control over your appointments with in-depth customisable scheduling rules such as meeting frequency, earliest/latest slot shown, etc.

Concurrent group meetings

Manage the number of customers that can book a specific meeting slot simultaneously.

Region coverage

Match customers with the right advisors assigned to a specific region. Optimising user experience and agent productivity for on-location, phone or video meetings.

Timezone-specific scheduling

Connect with your customers, no matter where they are. Book international meetings across time-zones with the confidence that all parties will automatically show up at the same time.

Multilingual web application and plug-in

Don’t worry about engaging with a multilingual customer base. Our solution is available in English, Dutch, French, Danish, German and many more.


Keep your customers updated about every action regarding their appointment. Notify them with automatic confirmations, alerts and reminders.

E-Mail notifications & reminders

Both customers and agents receive email alerts and notifications when an appointment is scheduled and get timely reminders beforehand.

SMS notifications & reminders

Both customers and agents can receive SMS alerts and notifications when an appointment is scheduled and get timely reminders beforehand.

Branded e-mail templates

Never miss a chance to boost your brand. Our branded confirmation and reminder emails can all be personalised according to your preferences.

Custom notifications & rules

All notification and reminder messages are fully customisable.

Custom content per location

Include office-specific info such as contact, parking and accessibility information as well as a welcome message to optimise experience.

Calendar Sync

Our calendar syncing function is able to combine several of your advisor’s calendars in order to find the optimal slot for your customer while taking into account real-time availability.

Multiple calendar settings & configurations

Adjust the calendar syncs accordingly. Choose to which calendar appointments need to be copied to and which calendars are taken into account for availability.

Multiple account sync

Connect and combine several calendars that need to be taken into account when scheduling appointments.

Sync with Google Calendar

Two-way sync your Google Calendar to Pexip Engage. This covers both personal accounts as Google for Business accounts.

Sync with Office 365 - Exchange Online

Two-way sync your Office 365 account to Pexip Engage. This covers both personal accounts as business accounts.

Sync with Exchange On Premise (2013+)

Calendar services provided by MS Exchange servers on premise. Pexip Engage supports MS Exchange 2013 and higher.


Connect Pexip Engage with your customer-facing applications with our robust, fully-accessible API.

API (inbound)

Use our Open REST API to integrate Pexip Engage into your application of choice.

API (outbound - webhooks)

Transfer all appointment data to your current systems.

CRM/ATS/CMS Connect (custom)

Connect Pexip Engage and a custom CRM to exchange information

CRM Connect: MS Dynamics

Native two-way integration between Pexip Engage and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline your customer journeys across both systems.

CRM Connect: Salesforce

Native two-way integration between Pexip Engage and Salesforce to streamline your customer journeys across both systems.


Single-sign-on, allows an employee to authenticate to the Pexip Engage app using your company credentials.

CMS Integrations: Sitecore

Native two-way integration between Pexip Engage and Sitecore to streamline your customer journeys across both systems.


We offer real-time insights into all commercial scheduling & meeting related activities so you can further build your organisation. Whether looking at company or branch level, our dashboards make analysis and optimisation easy.

Basic insights on company & branch level

Optimise the day-to-day processes of your agents/branches/networks by getting deeper insights into all scheduling activities.

Conversion analytics

Gain full insights into the customer booking journey and optimize each step of the process to schedule more appointments.
Understand how your customers' and leads' interest is converted (or not) so you can spend your marketing budget where it triggers your customers & prospects into action.

Availability reporting

Get insights into defined availability for your advisors and subjects and compare these against real availability offered to customers.

Schedule, meet, win. We make fantastic customer journeys come true.