Case Study

How VNZ optimized their customer experience with Pexip Engage

Company Name
Vlaams & Neutraal Ziekenfonds

Health insurance


The future of the health insurance sector in general and VNZ, in particular, will revolve around three major themes: expansion of scale, automation and digitalisation.

Within digitalisation, Pexip Engage plays a major role in further increasing the availability, customer focus and proximity of our organisation to offer an optimal customer experience.

About VNZ

VNZ is the Flemish neutral health insurance fund and we distinguish ourselves from the other health insurance funds in Flanders in the following areas

  • Flemish and neutral, both party political and towards the care providers (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, hospitals, ...) whilst always putting our members first
  • A services and benefits package that is distinctive from other health insurance funds (optics, orthodontics, etc.)
  • Fastest growing health insurance fund in Belgium with high retention of existing members

We are first and foremost a customer-oriented and social organisation that wants to offer a friendly, fast and high-quality service, opting for a small scale and a good price-quality ratio. Pre-covid, we did not work on appointments at all, except for some services that occasionally booked appointments from their personal agenda.

During the beginning of the lockdown, before we used Pexip Engage, two people centralised all mails and phone calls and then booked the appointments for all our offices in excel. A sub-optimal, nonprofessional process.

Therefore, we started looking for a solution to optimise this process and to offer a better customer experience and that's how we ended up with Pexip Engage. In Q4 2020 we went live with Pexip Engage for the social work service and all our office appointments.

"We work together with many external partners and I have never seen a collaboration go so smoothly, including the follow-up and thinking along in function of our use cases." - Wouter Opdenacker, Head of Office & Telephony, VNZ

Onboarding and results

All onboarding milestones were delivered on time or even sooner than expected, so we are delighted with Pexip Engage. The personal enthusiasm of the Pexip Engage team pleasantly surprised us and was an excellent start to our cooperation.

Today, we use Pexip Engage on our website. When people email or phone us for an appointment, we use the plug-in to set up an appointment with the right employee internally immediately. Employees also use the Pexip Engage application to consult appointments, change them, assign them to someone else or cancel them.

Thanks to the user-friendly design and usability of the web plug-in and the web application, our employees quickly embraced Pexip Engage. Even those who are somewhat averse to new tools and processes. In addition to our office network, we also want to expand our digital accessibility by offering video appointments.

The integrated Pexip Engage video platform is an immense added value to provide a consistent brand experience for our customers even when organising virtual meetings.

"Today, our customers consider an online appointment system a must-have and critical part of a better experience. They find the confirmation of the appointment via email or SMS particularly positive. As well as the ease of adding an appointment to their personal calendar and the possibility to easily reschedule the appointment themselves." - Wouter Opdenacker, Head of Office & Telephony, VNZ