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P&V automates digital customer journeys and appointment scheduling with Pexip Engage

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About P&V Insurance

P&V stands for Prévoyance & Voorzorg, a Belgian cooperative insurance company founded in 1907. P&V feels very strongly about values such as solidarity, cooperation and proximity. This cooperative spirit is expressed in various areas…

  • Fair protection for the insured
  • Multiple brands and distribution channels
  • The strength of cooperatives
  • Locally anchored
  • Support for solidarity projects

One of our core values is: taking care of each other. This translates back into our product offering but also into our other endeavours such as the ‘P&V foundation’. Our foundation supports several good causes to help the people of our society.

"We’re an insurance company with a big heart." - Ine, Omnichannel Project Owner at P&V

Life before Pexip Engage

Before we used Pexip Engage, we planned appointments with our customers mainly by phone or email. Our agents used their personal calendar to note down the appointments.

‘’As you can imagine, this was a manual, labour-intensive, time-consuming and inefficient process with a certain error rate.’’

Innovation is necessary to improve the quality of our service and offering. Hence, there was a strong need to improve efficiency, offer a better customer experience and to streamline the customer journeys. We set out to look for a solution that would help us with this.

We chose to partner up with Pexip to automate our customer journeys and appointment scheduling. By doing, so we are able to offer an over better service and experience to our customers whilst improving the efficiency of our agents.

Starting to work with Pexip Engage

After a short introduction for the project team and the agents, we quickly got to work with it as Pexip Engage is a highly intuitive and user-friendly solution. Next to that, the web app and the plugin also look clean and sophisticated. Pexip’s great strength is the communication flow for our customers. They can now effortlessly schedule appointments with their agent and appreciate the convenience of it. Thanks to the structured flow and the automated messaging for confirmation and reminders.

Pexip Engage also helps to draw our agents into our digital journey and because of its intuitiveness and ease of use is the ideal solution to get our agents across the proverbial digital threshold.

Since the start of using Pexip Engage, our agents are delighted with the solution as it helps them to be more efficient and saves them more time so they can put more focus into business that truly matters. Namely, the customer conversations and offering solutions.

Pexip Engage is not replacing our current process but rather complementing them. Making our digital journey even more streamlined.

"What was very interesting for us is that Pexip Engage is integrated with Salesforce so that leads are created automatically and appointments are linked to the right lead/client, a very big plus to increase our efficiency." - Ine, Omnichannel Project Owner at P&V

Pexip Engage use cases

Today, we use the solution integrated into our website and campaigns. On our website customers can easily schedule appointments through the solution's plugin.

Next to that, personalised booking links are also used intensively by our agents as they allow personalisation according to the needs of the individual agent. They are used on different touchpoints such as email, social media, etc.

In addition, together with marketing and sales, we also set up a campaign to make our insurance roadshow known to the general public and to ensure that leads and visits were created via Pexip Engage.

We noticed that after our last campaign in June 2021, around the tax return, the bookings almost doubled on Pexip Engage. In the future, we will definitely integrate the solution further in our marketing campaigns.

‘’Pexip Engage is the bridge between the digital customer journey and the face-to-face conversation with our personal advisors.’’

Working together with Pexip

What stands out in working with Pexip is that it feels more like a partnership, than just using a tool form an external partner. We help each other to achieve our goals.

The cooperation with our dedicated customer success manager goes very smoothly and Pexip can always be reached very quickly. The speed of response to questions or minor problems is very impressive.

‘’What I appreciate very much is that Pexip and our customer success manager are very proactive in thinking about how we can achieve our growth trajectory within P&V. It really feels like a full partnership.’’

What the future holds

The next step we will take with Pexip Engage is to integrate video appointments in our daily operations. We expect this to cause another boom in the number of appointments and offer more possibilities for our agents and customers.

When we look to the future, of the insurance sector in Belgium and P&V specifically, digitalisation is high on our agenda and we are working hard on several axes for both our agents and our independent broker network.

“We aim to turn our agents into digital salespeople by giving them the right tools and skills to attract and service their customers. ”