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Skedify is a fast-growing company with a clear vision; to connect companies with their customers in new and better ways. People are at the heart of this, and we’re looking for more great people to join us!

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What we are made of

Working for Skedify means working for an organisation where collaboration comes first. We nurture individuals and offer as much opportunity as possible. As a future-facing organisation, working for Skedify gives you benefits that many companies are yet to offer...

Ellen Doms

You hear a lot of companies say that they care about their employees, but talk is cheap. At Skedify, however, you really do feel that employee well-being is part of the fabric of what makes us successful as a team. The flat structure facilitates open communication and consultation all the way; everyone has a genuine impact on the product. We’re product-focused but people-minded; our working lives are as flexible as a yoga instructor.

Ellen Doms

Frontend Developer

Perks & Benefits

Because we know when we’re healthy and happy we do our best work.


Put your mark on our solution and get rewarded for your achievements 


Become part of bright young team and enjoy our diverse range of social events!


We use Agile to help you focus on the work you actually love doing


Come and go whenever you want. We believe in personal commitment, not time tracking


Enjoy environment where you both share your knowledge and learn from others


A competitive salary including lots of perks and benefits such as AG Healthcare platform,  a referral program, FIP (Flex Income Plan), a mobility budget, and more

Open Roles

Gent, Belgium - Fulltime

Back-end JavaScript Engineer

Gent, Belgium - Fulltime

QA and Test Automation Engineer

Gent, Belgium or Remote - Fulltime

Product Marketeer

Gent, Belgium - Fulltime

Enterprise Account Manager

Gent, Belgium - Fulltime

Junior Sales Representative

Life at Skedify

Discover first hand what Skedify is all about and what is unique about working here from our colleagues themselves in the form of video testimonials.

Our 5 core values

These values are the core of Skedify’s identity and define everything we do. From the way we hire and work internally and externally, to how we grow as people and as a company.

  • Complexity made simple

    We solve problems and simplify processes for our clients and their customers. This is reflected in our own internal culture. We don't over-complicate!
  • Performance vs Trust

    A high-performing team is a collection of its member’s skills, talents, and knowledge, but it only works as long as they trust each other.
  • Sparks without fire

    We create sparks, when challenging each other. A little bit of healthy friction is necessary to become better as a team. Though always respectful and supportive, we pride ourselves on honesty and continual growth.
  • Be a lobster

    The lobster grows inside its rigid shell until it becomes confined by it. When that becomes too painful to tolerate, the lobster hides under rocks, casts the shell away and grows itself another one. This bigger shell will eventually get too narrow again, but it will continue to seek a larger one. At Skedify, we seek discomfort and always look to grow.
  • What are you going to do about it?

    There will always be things that go wrong and things that we could complain about . At Skedify, we don't look to others to solve problems or carve out the way ahead. We stand up, straighten our backs and start doing something about it. When identifying  problems/issues, we start thinking of solutions and implementing them.

Skedify is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a company with a family atmosphere and an opportunity to thrive professionally. The whole company pulls together with a common focus whether you’re in management or sales, marketing or development. Your expertise is fully trusted, and you get to become part of the team decision-making process. Even before the Corona Crisis, Skedify encouraged flexible working hours with the possibility to work from home whenever you needed to. Everyone is made to feel like an essential part of the organisation. We have recently moved to a brand new office - and there’s room for more people, so if you’re looking for a new challenge, you should definitely consider working with Skedify

Ben Swennen

Software Engineer

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