Optimal In Branch Conversations

Our showroom and in branch channel allows your customers to schedule meetings with the right advisor in your showroom or branch. Instantly making your client-facing advisors accessible, allowing you be more efficient and convert more leads. With Pexip Engage, you’ll never miss another opportunity to make a sale.

Expectations are changing

More focused, more productive and more engaging meetings.

of contact requests happen outside of business hours.
Up to
of customers expect a perfect customer experience.
Up to
of millennials would schedule an appointment with an advisor.

In-Branch Features

Turn your online visitors into real live leads.

Branch-specific rules

Branch-specific rules allows each branch the possibility whether or not to follow the rules set on enterprise level.

Agent specialisation

Connect your customers with the most suitable advisor for their needs, based on agent expertise.

Easy agent re-assign

In case of absence or unavailability of the agent, the booked meeting can easily be reassigned to another agent.

Region coverage

Match customers with the right advisors assigned to a specific region. Optimising user experience and agent productivity for on-location, phone or video meetings.

Key Benefits

Easy to Use. Powerful to Scale.

Up to 30% Increased Conversion Rate

A guaranteed increase of Digital-2-Human  channel conversion. See an improvement of  double-to-triple digits (30%+) and a frictionless  conversion experience for all inbound and  outbound digital customer journeys.

Better Customer Experience

A customer-centric and professional  Customer Experience, significantly driving  your closing ratio and a higher chance for  renewal and/or referral.

Up to 17% Increased Advisor Productivity

Increased productivity by up to 17% per agent.  Create an automated, error-free scheduling  process within their agent network, aiding the  goal of professional excellence.

Vivaldis Case Study

Vivaldis helps more job seekers with Pexip Engage

The fact that we could offer video calls from within Pexip Engage delivered great value for Vivaldis.

Michael Moens, Digital Strategy Manager at Vivaldis

Vivaldis decided to create a combination digital-human system where they would get a candidate on the phone for an initial interview and then follow up with a scheduling tool to have a deeper conversation

Customer Success Stories

Financial Services

Buying a dream home made easier with omnichannel appointment scheduling

Hypotheek.winkel offers guidance throughout the process of acquiring a property and mediation in mortgage credits.

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Child-benefit fund

Fast onboarding and immediate results

Pexip Engage helped us transform our customer-facing function, giving us a preeminent edge against our competitors.

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High Involvement Retail

Pexip Engage works with Adfundum to help Brilart exceed their revenue targets

Thanks to Pexip Engage Brillart exceeds previous years revenues despite lockdowns and a global pandemic

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Social Insurance

De VoorZorg exceeds pre-pandemic appointment numbers thanks to Pexip Engage.

Coronavirus only expedited what De VoorZorg already knew: they needed a system tailored to modern customers.

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The First Optichannel Meeting Platform for Engaging Customer Conversations

Online, offline or online to offline... We optimise customer engagement by choosing the right platform for each and every conversation.

Seamless Video Confercing

Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions

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Streamlined On Location Meetings

Meet your clients wherever they are.

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From the first click to the first conversation, we make customer journeys better.