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A tech company with strong opinions, a product mindset, and human values

We've made a customer engagement platform that simply works, and works very well – on its own, and with other tools.

We know that buying software is hard – we've been doing it, too – so we want to assure you that you're not taking any risks by putting your time, agents, users and effort in Skedify. We also know how hard and expensive it is to switch from one platform to another and we want you to know what you're signing up for upfront.

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Numbers matter - so here are a few

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We're a fast-growing company.

We are focused on building a sustainable company that grows rapidly and where everyone can do work they enjoy. It also allows us to develop the product according to our vision and our customers' needs. We're opinionated – but in a good way. Our HQ is based in Gent, Belgium and we have global ambitions.

Our customers span the globe

They include retail, recruitment, HR, banking and insurance enterprises, public services and just about everything in-between.

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